Valentine’s Book Club

From Bonnie:

Hi Girls!  I’ve been thinking about what to serve for a Valentine’s meal for some time and finally have settled on a modified version of a ratatouille, a vegetable medley, which I found it in Isabel Allende’s 1998 book, Aphrodite, A Memoir of the Senses.  This is what her friend, Shekter, serves to Annette, the woman of his erotic dreams, whenever she comes to visit.  You will each have to evaluate it efficacy on your own as an aphrodisiac!  I will likely serve it with rice or quinoa and perhaps a few seductive oysters.  For sides I suggest the usual: appetizers, salads, bread, wine and desserts, either with or without hints of romance!

Kim Oh -Fruit Salad

Katherine _Appetizer

June -Hummus

Donna -Desert

Kim Hall -Green Salad

Caroline & Elizabeth -Bubbles & Bread


2 comments on “Valentine’s Book Club

  1. Lissy Frese says:

    Going to bring wine and salad.

  2. Fran Hopkins says:

    I am also bringing an appetizer.

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