June 14th meeting

Kim Hall will be our lovely summer hostess and Lissy will be leading our discussion of The Friend. Kim will be delighting us with peel & eat shrimp and suggests we indulge in the early summer produce and have several accompanying salads. Please let us know if you can come and if so what you will bring by leaving a comment below. Thanks!


10 comments on “June 14th meeting

  1. Katherine says:

    Looking forward to it Kim. I will bring fruit salad and wine.

  2. June says:

    Kim, shrimp sounds perfect for these hot days. I will bring a vege/ dip appetizer and of course, wine. Thanks for hosting.

  3. Shirley says:

    I will bring golden beet salad and wine😀Shirley

  4. Donna Christie says:

    I will bring a salad and wine

  5. Kim Oh says:

    I am coming with wine and salad. Looking forward to it. Kim O

  6. Melissa Stewart says:

    Eva and I are by ourselves this week. If it’s okay, I will bring her along. I’ll bring a pasta salad and wine.

  7. Ann Freeland says:

    I will be there! With all the salads should I bring a dessert or a green salad?

    • hallk2013 says:

      Ann, why don’t you bring an appetizer or a side vegetable? Do whichever you prefer. Katherine is making home-made ice cream and fruit for dessert. Thx, Kim

  8. ela says:

    I’ll bring some type of salad and wine,
    See you Thursday,ela

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