January 18 Bookclub

Hi All,

Bonnie has come to the rescue and will be hosting our group this coming Thursday for our firs tweeting of 2018. We will be discussing “LAB Girl”. Bonnie is making a stew and I am sure will need salads, bread, wine & dessert. Please “Leave a comment” below to let us know if you can come and what you will bring.



8 comments on “January 18 Bookclub

  1. June says:

    Bon, I will bring bread and wine. Thank you ever so much for hosting😜

  2. Donna Christie says:

    I can bring a salad or bread

  3. Kim Oh says:

    Sorry to miss the book discussion and what will be a delightful evening at Bonnie’s. I loved The Lab Girl.
    I will see you in March. Kim Oh

  4. Lissy says:

    I will bring an appetizer and wine. Thanks Bonnie!

  5. Caroline says:

    Hi Bonnie, Don’t count on my I am not sure what time I will get back from Florence. Thanks for hosting!

  6. hallk2013 says:

    Planning to be there. What do you want me to bring? Happy to do dessert or whatever you most need. Thanks! Kim H

  7. Donna Christie says:

    I will for sure make salad

  8. Shirley Hankins says:

    I will bring fruit and wine. Thanks for hosting,
    Bonnie. Shirley

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