Bookplates Christmas Party -December 14

Annual Bookplates Christmas Soiree!

It’s that time of year- Cioppino, book stealing, wine swapping and general debauchery at our annual Christmas shindig. For those who are new, or need  a refresher here is the overview:

1.) June Hosts
2.) Spouses/guests welcome
3.) We don’t read/discuss a book
4.) We play  dirty Santa -Bring a book!


Potluck as usual please leave a comment and let us know if you are coming and what you will bring (even if you have already emailed it) so we can keep track of the goodies.











8 comments on “Bookplates Christmas Party -December 14

  1. Caroline says:

    Tom, Hardy and My mom with be there and we will bring a festive dessert.

  2. KIM HALL says:

    I will bring a big green salad. Steve will be coming as well. Looking forward to the party and seeing everyone! Kim Hall

  3. Melissa says:

    I’ll bring an appetizer or 2 and wine. Jimmy has just advised me that he is likely to ditch me as he has been invited to an early showing of the new Star Wars movie that night. His loss!!

  4. Carolyn Tate says:

    I will be in town and will bring WINE and an appetizer. Looking forward to seeing everyone! John will unfortunately not be able to join me- work calls. 😦

  5. Katherine says:

    Count me in. June, thanks for hosting again. I will bring a veggie dish(?) and wine.

  6. M Kim Oh says:

    I will bring crab and asparagus risotto. I think I won Shin over tennis. He will join me. Looking forward to it. Kim O

  7. Shirley Hankins says:

    I am coming and am bringing crusty bread and wine. Looking forward to seeing everybody!
    Don sends his regrets. Shirley

  8. Donna Christie says:

    I cannot be at Book Club this time.

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