October 12th Bookclub Meeting

Melissa Stewart is hosting us next week for the discussion of The Last Painting of Sara de Vos. Melissa is serving up pork tender and asks for salads, sides, dessert and other accompaniments. (maybe rabbit stew? or a vintage bottle of red?)

Let us know if you can come and what you will bring.


8 comments on “October 12th Bookclub Meeting

  1. Kim Oh says:

    Sorry to miss this month, but will be out of town. Kim O

  2. June says:

    I can come with a salad and wine, thanks Melissa

  3. Katherine says:

    Looking forward to it. Will bring a veggie dish(?) and wine.

  4. Caroline says:

    I’ll bring dessert!

  5. Shirley says:

    I will bring an appetizer, wine, and your plate, Melissa

  6. Bonnie Krebs says:

    Thanks for hosting, Melissa! Regretfully, I will have to regret again, as I will be in N.C. I definitely will see you all in November since I think I am hosting!!!! Bonnie

  7. hallk2013 says:

    Sorry to miss this month! I have committed to attending another event that night. See everyone in November.
    Kim H.

  8. Lissy says:

    I am coming and plan to bring roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts. Thanks!

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