January Meeting-Hillbilly Elegy

Looking forward to starting off 2017 with a book to provide some prospective on how we got here! I will be our host and serving up my best rendition of Appalachia -Grilled Venison and rice and peas. I would love folks to bring cornbread, salad, dessert and any other Appalachia appetizers they can think of.

We begin at 6:30 and Bonnie will lead our discussion.


2 comments on “January Meeting-Hillbilly Elegy

  1. PLEASE…I read on this site of a human gathering…featuring Appaoachian-grilled venison….etc. I am seeking, not an online bookclub, rather a human one. As I live near Johnson City, TN, and the Appalachian venison prepared for the gathering….is the reason I asked about a bookclub. Is this a possible help you can give?

    • rotarytrek says:

      Hi Bennedene, I apologize for not responding sooner. We are a book club in Birmingham AL and use this blog to coordinate the books we are reading and our monthly potluck suppers. We would love to have you if you ever find yourself near Birmingham

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