November Book Pick- How to Read…

litOur last book of 2016 is sure to be an enlightening read, and is sure to stoke some conversation. All of Shirley’s suggestions are below, starting with the “winner” -How to Read Literature like a Professor.

How to Read Literature like a Professor – Literary Criticism – written by Thomas C. Foster.  R

I haven’t read this but is it #1 bestseller in Literary History and Criticism genre.  Written for adults, supposed to be entertaining, Melissa said Mountain Brook High School System is requiring it, as are some colleges and other high schools.


Max Perkins – Editor of Genius – Biography – written by A. Sctt Berg.  One of my favorite books ever – recommended to us by Eleoner Hutchens who was Chair of the English department at UAH.  Older book, but reprinted, wonderful, and now being made

into a movie (Colin Firth).  It’s long, but excellent!!
    Deadline Artists:  America’s Greatest Newspaper Columnists .  Journalism Anthology.  Written by John P. Avlon and Jesse Angelo.
    I haven’t read this one either, but it looks relevant and great reviews.  Many contributors from our earlier times., back when writing columns was an art! There is a later sequel also.

September 8th Meeting

The 2nd Thursday comes around quick this month, and Shirley will be our hostess for next week’s convening. Katherine will be leading our discussion of Boys and the Boat.  Supper will center around a tomato tart and Shirley asks for the usual suspects of salads, appetizers, wine and dessert to accompany. Please let us know  if you can come and what you will bring.