H is for Hawk Questions

Linda is not able to join us Thursday to discuss the book she chose, but she has supplied us with this brief insight into why she chose the book and also offers up some wonderful thought-provoking questions. I look foward to the discussion.

From Linda
I was propelled to read this book after hearing the author interviewed by this Dianne Rehm on NPR. It sparked my interest in knowing more about the ancient art of falconry, but even more To drown in MacDonald’s beautifully formed sentences. As glad as I am to know what it means for a hawk to mute or bate, and that dog leather is best for the leashes, it is the combination of words to describe emotion and place that makes her work unforgettable. Like- mothers ruin their children, choke them like ivy. Or, electric wires chased fence posts down the grassy slopes


  1. What is it about death and grief that Inclined us to get in touch with our feral nature?
  2. One reader said ‘H is for Hawk’ draws blood in a way that is curative.’ What do you think of that?
  3. If Goshawks are nervous because they live life 10 times faster than people and react to stimuli based on instinct to survive and hunt, could they help us understand soldiers who suffer from PTSD? Battle brings out the feral nature to survive, but can that nature be contained by limiting stimuli, like the trainer calms the hawk by putting the hood back on to limit the hawk’s exposure to stimuli?
  4. What do you think of the author saying she could understand the shape of her grief and feel how big it was. Have you ever visualized your pain in that way? Given it shape, color and texture? A helpful exercise in healing.

June 11 Meeting

Our group will convent at Kim Oh’s in June. Kim will be serving up┬áher speciality -international fare. Summer sausage stir fry and spanakopita will be the center of the meal and salads, fruit and light desserts (and of course wine -or beer!) are the suggested accompaniments. Please use the comment function below to RSVP and if you can come let us know what you will bring.