June 2015 Book Selection: H is for Hawk

h is for hawkLinda picked this gem by Helen MacDonald not for its plot but for its beautifully formed sentences. Insight into the world of falconry is a bonus! See below for a short synopsis as well as other suggestions Linda had for our bookclub.

H is for Hawk – Helen McDonald. It was the words that enchanted me from page one, so beautifully formed into sentences I would love to have written. But it is also the opportunity to explore grief in a new way while learning about the art of Falconry that kept me enthralled. A beautiful read in a world where plot has taken over, and words are so rarely treated as the treasures they are.


Almost Reads:

A Spool of Blue Thread – Anne Tyler . Instilled with all the insight, generosity and spirit of her novels, this novel again praises the complexity of  family in an unsentimental yet poignant way. She always delivers a new way of seeing family that makes me the wiser for having read her work.

The Book of Strange, New Things – Michael Faber. This book cuts between earth and some far-off planet with its discussions of philosophy, religion, economics, and pioneers in a strange world at a time of much devastation and deprivation on earth. A good book to read at a time when chaotic weather/earth patters follow global warming, and much food for thought on where mankind goes if earth implodes.


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