May Meeting

Bonnie will be hosting us May 8th at her home in Lockerbie. She is whipping up a delightful ratatouille and couscous concoction and asked for a green salad as well as the ususal bread, apps, dessert and of course wine accompianments.

We will be discussing The Goldfinch, don’t forget to review Linda’s questions (see below post) and come with your ideas/comments. Also please use the “leave a comment” button below and let us know (1) if you can come and (2) what you will bring.

“The Goldfinch” Discussion Questions


Linda has passed along these deceptively simple questions for us to consider in advance of our discussion at our May 8th meeting.

1. What was the most powerful aspect of the book for you?
2. Is it Pulitzer Prize worthy in your estimation?
3. With which character did you most sympathize or empathize?
4. Why do you think the protagonist kept the painting? What did it mean to him!