Update: No April Meeting! & March Discussion Questions


After unanimous excitement about Donna Tartt’s 784 page Goldfinch segued into reality, we took an unofficial vote at our February meeting to use both April and May to read Tartt’s epic. This means NO APRIL Book club meeting.

We will however be meeting in March -host and location TBD. Kim will be leading our discussion (she even postponed her vacation for us!) and has sent the following questions for us to review in advance of our meeting to stimulate conversation (and keep our club a BOOK club rather than a delightful supper club 🙂

by M. L. Stedman

Topics and Questions for Discussion

1. Did the title itself evoke certain image(s) in your mind’s eyes ? Did that initial “image” change, after you finished the book?

2. The island, “Janus Rock,” is named after the Roman God, Janus, the two faced god of doorway, “always looking both ways, torn between two ways of seeing things (page 65). Did the name of Island, Janus Rock, impact on your reading of the story, and how?

3. As you were turning pages of this fiction, what mood(s) dominated your feelings: empathy, disgust, disappointment, depression …………?
After you finished the book, what was your dominating feeling?

4. Which character(s) won your sympathy? Did your notion of what was right or the best, shift over the course of your reading?

5. How do you feel about the ending of the story?


If you hate THE LIGHTHOUSE BETWEEN OCEANS, try A WEEK IN WINTER, more uplifting and entertaining fiction by Maeve Bynch.☺

Kim Oh


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