April Read Announced

Our Bookclub has had the unique privilege of being located in the midst of many very talented authors. Once again we will benefit from Birmingham’s literary talent in March with “The Anguished Hallelujah,” written by Linda Flaherty.  Ms. Flaherty, a patient of Dr. Harrington’s will also be in attendance at our April Meeting.

February Book Club -2.10.11

I am excited to announce that I will be hosting my first EVER bookplates gathering… I do feel so very grown up! We will be reading Stephen Hawking’s book “The Grand Design” and Melissa will lead the conversation. Please note that we already have our February read picked out “Mountains beyond Mountains.”

I live in the “Del Mar” condos immediately across the street from the Virginia Samford Theater on 26th street South in the Highland park area. There are a few visitor parking spots (that are actually for 21oo highland place) but you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a spot on the street. It is easiest to enter the side door off the patio (next to the grill).

I will be making a vegetarian main dish (am currently vacillating between Butternut-Bulgur Chili & Portabello Bourguignon) so please bring wine and sides as a appropriate.