Luma to UAB

The central character in our latest read “Outcasts United” will be on UAB’s campus the end of this month to speak a the annual Community Week. See below for more information:

The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s annual Community Week celebration will feature the inspirational coach and founder of the Fugees Soccer Team, composed of young refugees from war-torn nations, as part of activities taking place Jan. 22 through 26.

Luma Mufleh, whose experiences are told in the national bestselling book “Outcasts United,” which was featured in the Fall 2010 Freshman Book Discussion, will give a lecture on Tuesday January 25 in the Alumni Auditorium on UAB’s campus at 8:00 p.m.. She will speak on the importance of community as she calls attention to the crucial role of teamwork in bringing about positive social change, and the role of athletics in empowering historically oppressed groups and in bringing together people from diverse backgrounds.
For more information on this event, please contact Creston Lynch at 934-8020.


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