September Book Club

Our September meeting is just a week away! Bonnie Krebs will be our gracious host and is planning some Japanese treats in keeping with the theme of our novel, Spring Snow. See Bonnie’s message below suggesting accompaniments to her main dish. Click on “leavea comment” below this post to let us know if you are coming and if you will bring a treat.

Hi Girls!  Since our book for September was written by a Japanese author, it seems fitting to have a Japanese meal, or at least something akin to that!  Therefore, for our entrée I am planning to serve a soba noodle dish with veggies and shrimp. June has offered to make springrolls and/or sakatini martinis; I wonder if she means sokittoyu martinis???  If any of you would like to contribute something you might consider picking up sushi, or bring a salad, appetizer or dessert, and wine.   Anything will be appreciated, Japanese or otherwise!   Again, my address is 133 Queensberry Crescent click here for a link.

I hope to see you on the 9th!    Bonnie