June BookClub Rescheduled!!

Due to a minor accident in at the Oh home, which resulted in an eye patch and thankfully more headache  than serious concern, we are going to postpone our discussion of Larsson “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” until June 24th. Same location, same menu, but hopefully with our tennis players and travellers and others unable to make tomorrow’s regularly scheduled meeting. Please respond to the poll if you are going to be able to come to the make-up.

The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo

It has been a long time since I have indulged in a murder mystery, and I am beginning to question what took me so long! I finally finished Cutting for Stone over the weekend (BTW I loved the ending) and am now officially addicted to Steig Larsson’s quick-paced and suspenseful prose. What a treat!

It will also be a treat to see you all in a few weeks to discuss this novel over a lovely dinner at Kim Oh’s. We currently do not have a discussion leader, so if no one signes up you may be arbitrarily appointed. Kim has already published a tentative menu of Swedish Meatballs with rice balls for the vegetarians. I will plan on bringing a summery sweet treat. Everyone else click on “comment” below and let us know if you can make it on the 10th and if so, what you will be bringing.