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Already ploughed through “Let the Great World Spin” or “Girl with a Dragon Tattoo”?

If you have finished a future book club suggestion and would like to loan it out to a less ambitious member please post the book you have available here:

Sign up to Be on the Book Selection Committee!

We have discussed revamping our book selection process for several months now, but have been unsuccessful at explicitly defining the new process and putting it into action. So let’s see if our new blog can fulfill its mission and help us sort out this organizational glitch.

The skinny:

Book Selection will be announced 2 months in advance at our meeting and posted on our blog the following night.

Three members will serve on the committee

Each member will serve for 3 months, with one member rotating off each month and one member added. An official schedule will be posted for your reference.

Each committee will consist of 2 “voters” and 1 “proposer/voter”.  The 1st and 3rd month you serve you will only vote on which book you wish the club to read. During your 2nd month you will be in charge of proposing 2-5 books for a group (all 3) vote.

Confused? If so go back to the top of the post and read again. It can be a little circuitous but it is all logical if you sketch it out.

Now to get this machine in motion I will assigning everyone ***WHO IS INTERESTED*** to a 3 month term. Since this is a 3 month process it will take more than one year for everyone to have the opportunity to serve on the selection committee, thus I think we should start on a volunteer basis. If you would like to have a voice respond to this post or email and let me know to put you in the rotation.  I will begin posting assignments as you respond.

Directions to Kathy’s House

Kathy Harrington

Phone numbers:
Home:  205-987-1626
Kathy cell: 205-253-5110

Directions to 1222 Lake Forest Circle:,+Hoover,+Shelby,+Alabama+35244&t=h&z=16

• Take I-65 or Hwy. 280 to I-459
• Take I-459 South (or West towards Tuscaloosa)
• Take Galleria Blvd. exit (second exit after I-65) and follow through to third stoplight (<1 mile)
• Turn L onto John Hawkins Parkway (also Hwy. 150) (go ~ ¼ mile)
• Turn R at stoplight  (go 1 block)
• Turn R onto Lorna Road (also Old Montgomery Hwy) (go ~1.5 miles)
• Turn R at second stoplight onto Riverchase Parkway (go ~1.5 miles)
• Turn R onto Lake Forest Circle (only way you can turn, brick wall on far side) (go 1.2 miles exactly)
• Our house is on left side of the road

April 8th Book Club -Kathy’s House

Per Kathy the details for our April 8th meeting are as follows:

Date:    Thursday, April 8

Time:    6:30 pm

Place:   Kathy Harrington’s house1222 Lake Forest Circle in Riverchase in Hoover.  Directions and a map will be posted

Book:    Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann  (National Book Award, 2009)

Discussion Leader: need a volunteer

RSVP:  to Kathy by April 3, please ( or

 Please post below if you can lead the discussion and  what you are planning to bring so we can all plan accordingly. The hope is that this blog will allow us all to collborate without sending a dozen reply-all emails.

Thank you June!!

We had a great time at June and Willie’s last night. Food and fellowship were exquisite and I thoroughly enjoyed the fire, though I am sad that we are still requiring extra warmth when spring is so close. Olive Kitteridge provided a great starting point for thoughtful discussions on relationships, child-rearing, satisfaction, and attaining the magical “74”. We really missed all who were unable to come.  While you may have passed up on a delectable portabella lasagna we don’t want you to miss out next time so I am using this blog (also newly announced) to help keep us all in the loop and well informed.

Things to know: We now meet officially on the 2nd Thursday of the month -PERIOD.

Our meeting in April (the 8th!) will be at Kathy’s house and we will be reading “Let the Great World Spin” there are 22 holds on the library’s 4 copies so I recomend you follow the link to Amazon on the side of this webpage and buy the book.

Our next two books will be “Cutting for Stone” and “Girl with a Dragon Tattoo” for May and June respectively. More details and links to come in following blogs. There will be an official “April Book Selection” post with directions to Kathy’s house and you will be able to respond with what tasty treats you will bring to the shindig. I will also be posting an official roster and book-picking committees in the coming days so be on the look-out and check back for updates.

In the meantime don’t hesitate to post a response to this blog and let me know what you would like to see. If anyone is interested in admin rights I will be more than happy to set you up so you can join me in posting information.

I can already feel organization creeping in!

And we are LIVE!

Which book? What house? Who can bring Crusty Bread?!

I thought starting our very own blog/website might help keep our dynamic and communicative group more organized. I am sure I am not the only one who has repeatedly dug through the email chains trying to figure if all the food groups have been covered!

I though that building a blog might allow us a central location to discuss which books we want to read, access resources such as author bios and book synopses, as well as managed the logistics of our club. Plus it just feels cool to be in a book club with a website!

It will also help those without perfect attendance stay in the loop so we don’t leave anyone behind.